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Our Modern Approach To Responsive Web Design
responsive website design

Firemind provides custom web design and website development services for businesses surrounding Chicago & nation wide.

We place emphasis on providing our clients with the very best in custom-developed websites. We don’t use stock or marketplace templates; every site is designed to your specifications. This allows us to provide you with a one-of-a-kind website that incorporates every nuance and variation you desire.

Our custom designed and developed sites will put your businesses website in the most professional light possible – a website you can be truly proud of. Your new website won’t just be another pretty picture either; all show and no dough! Firemind builds websites with results at the center of every decision.

After all, what’s the point of having your business represented online if you can’t make any money? We integrate client capture and interactivity into our sites to hold your visitor’s attention, move them into your sales process and turn them into buying clients; attraction, attention, conversion, retention!

Firemind builds with mobile & responsive viewports at the forefront of every website

90% of website traffic comes from mobile and tablet devices. And if you want to be found when people are looking for you, including when they’re on the go, then your site needs to be flow & function like a modern, optimized App!

That’s where responsive web design comes in!

At Firemind, our team can design and develop a one-of-a-kind mobile-friendly, responsive website that fits your business’ goals and brand. Our experience developing responsive websites for dozens of Chicago businesses will help you stand out from the competition.

Firemind leverages WordPress CMS for our website design and development projects.

WordPress is a website content management platform that is used by more than 50% of the world’s top websites. It’s reliability, flexibility, ease of use, and active community of developers make it a top choice for businesses to use to manage their website.

Firemind Web Design will create a website using WordPress that not only represents your business’s brand but is also optimized for search marketing. We apply the latest, best practices from major search engines like Google and Bing. This will help your business improve its visibility online and help attract new customers.

Firemind leverages Cloudflare CDN to protect & optimize our websites for ultimate security & function.

Having a beautiful, high function website is really only half the job; now we must optimize! Firemind utilized Cloudflare’s Content Delivery Network to massively speed up websites for users around the world while, simultaneously, seriously tightening the security to prevent harmful attacks such as DDoS (Bot) attacks, Brute Force attacks and much more.

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