DreamGast Clothing Co.
Who Is DreamGast Clothing Co.
DreamGast is a local Joliet/Chicago clothing brand that takes pride in running every aspect of their business as By-Hand & Ethical as possible. The small clothing brand designs all of their work in-house themselves as well as using the old-school, high quality, technique of manual screen printing to create clothing that is of a quality miles above their competition. By leveraging their awesome original art along with their top-tier quality standards such as ultra thick tees, hand screen printing techniques, custom packaging & free merch with every order DreamGast has set themselves up for success as a staple in streetwear culture. As shoppers of alternative wear look to spend their money more locally & ethically, DreamGast has stepped in with fire products that shoppers can feel good about supporting.
How We Succeeded


The Client's Goals..

DreamGast had almost everything in place to be successful; they had an excellent company ethos with great designs & solid marketing intentions. We were approached by DreamGast because they wanted an e-commerce website that would be more attractive & interactive than a simple Squarespace/Wix/Shopify site while maintaining that level of ease-of-use. DreamGast planned that with a perfect website in place, their social media marketing & stellar products would be able to truly speak for themselves.


The Firemind Approach..

Our Firemind team always gets excited when we get to work with up & coming brands we ourselves are customers of! We developed a WordPress website that would perfectly communicate the brand's identity while focusing on keeping the backend & e-commerce functionality as streamlined & simple as possible. We utilized Woocommerce & additional custom functionalities to allow the DreamGast team to quickly & easily process orders, manage tracking, control returns & all the other modern requirements for an online store that wants to compete with the big dogs in their industry.


The Results Are In..

DreamGast has found great success since going live in 2023. The team still keeps us up to date with their growth and has found the WordPress & Woocommerce environment to be highly scalable & flexile to their ever-changing business needs. With our guidance, since launch DreamGast has had a breeze integrating simple upgrades we made available to them such as automated coupons, CRM marketing and advanced shipping calculations.

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