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When it comes to managing a website, internal website security is critical to protecting your business and your clients’ privacy. You need to have a website firewall, website monitoring, and site security system in place that keeps your data safe from external sources.

What’s more, you need to count on a website security service that provides every website security essential under the sun. Instead of googling “fix my website” and hoping for a reliable team, partner with Firemind and work with an expert WordPress security service agency.

We guarantee that we’ll keep your website locked down tight so you can protect your data against any outside force with the best website security.

Firemind security doesn’t miss a beat, keeping you protected in every way possible, including: Daily Cloud Backups, SSL Certificate, Brute Force Protection, Daily Plugin + Theme Scan, Manage Inactive Plugins, 2-Factor Authentication, Force Secure Passwords, Database Protection, Website Firewall, Daily Malware Scans, Block Fake Crawlers, Database Optimization, Verify Trusted Sources, Authentication Keys, Real-time Monitoring, IP Tracking, Comment Spam Filtering, DNS Change Alerts, File Permissions, Daily Link Scan, Content Delivery Network use + More!


It’s true, every second counts. Google and Amazon have done studies on website page speed. The time your clients and visitors are waiting around for your website (web pages) to load. The study has found that for each second after 3 that it takes your site to load you lose visitors. The average of this loss varies between 6-15% per second. Using this model if it takes 9 seconds for your site to fully load you have lost a minimum of 36% and a maximum of 90% of visitor traffic to your site. What a waste, right? After all of your efforts to capture the visitor and then they click back out to the search results page and choose another business. How many times have you done that? If you are spending money on Google Ads it could be all for nothing.

More than not, we see customers with a decent desktop page speed, but the mobile page speeds score is bad. Let’s make sure you don’t fit into that category. Your visitors will appreciate how much faster your web pages load.

You can’t afford for your site to run inefficiently. For most website visitors, this can be the first and only chance you get to make a good impression. See a real difference. Put your best face forward. Blazing fast web page loading times, fewer abandoned carts, and a lower bounce rate!

We implement tools & techniques to squeeze every possible millisecond out of your load times including: CDN usage (Content Delivery Network), CSS & HTML Minification, Image Compression, Lazy Load Images, Ultra light theme & plugin usage + more.

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