Sorry Papi
Who Is Sorry Papi
Sorry Papi is an all-girl reggaetón party/event that tours the Americas throwing over-the-top parties at premier clubs. Sorry Papi is for women, by women and takes pride in their mission to empower women to work hard, play hard and care for themselves & their sisters, mothers & children first and foremost.
How We Succeeded


The Client's Goals..

The Sorry Papi team needed a website that would communicate their service as an all-girl reggaetón event, while also integrating with an email & texting database to collect user data & build a following that they would be able to market to, such as event dates, pre-sale codes, reminders & more.


The Firemind Approach..

We built the Sorry Papi team a "bubblegum Pop" style website inspired by art they were looking to build their brand around. More importantly, we build dozens of pages & popups for every city they toured, with unique forms that collected user contact information. These forms integrated with an Email & Texting database we setup for them & tagged the users into their corresponding cities.


The Results Are In..

Sorry Papi gathered over 60,000 followers via the website's signup forms we built them for marketing their events via email & text. Now that the team has a highly successful first year under their belt they are going into year two with a large follower base and couldn't be more excited for the future!