Supporting Local: The Best Small Businesses in Joliet


In a world of big-box stores and multinational corporations, it’s important to remember the value of supporting local businesses. In Joliet, Illinois, there are plenty of amazing small businesses that offer unique products and services that you won’t find anywhere else. Whether you’re looking for handmade crafts, delicious food, or top-notch services, there’s something for everyone in Joliet.

The Best Small Businesses in Joliet

1. Joe’s Pizza

If you’re a pizza lover, you can’t miss Joe’s Pizza. This family-owned pizzeria has been serving up delicious pies for over 20 years. Their secret recipe sauce and hand-tossed dough are the perfect combination for a mouth-watering slice of pizza.

2. The Flower Shop

For beautiful floral arrangements and unique gifts, look no further than The Flower Shop. This local florist has been in business for over 30 years and is known for their stunning bouquets and personalized service.

3. Joliet Handmade Market

Support local artists and crafters by visiting the Joliet Handmade Market. This monthly event showcases the talent and creativity of local artisans, offering everything from handmade jewelry to original artwork.

The Tl;dr Wrap Up

Supporting local businesses in Joliet is not just about getting great products and services – it’s also about investing in the community and supporting the local economy. Whether you’re grabbing a slice of pizza at Joe’s, picking up a beautiful bouquet from The Flower Shop, or shopping for unique gifts at the Joliet Handmade Market, you’re making a difference in the lives of local business owners and their families.


Why is it important to support local businesses?

Supporting local businesses helps to create a strong sense of community and fosters economic growth. It also ensures that unique products and services continue to thrive in our local area.

How can I find small businesses in Joliet?

You can find local businesses in Joliet by exploring the downtown area, checking out local events and markets, and asking friends and family for recommendations.

What are some other ways to support local businesses?

In addition to shopping at local businesses, you can support them by leaving positive reviews, sharing their social media posts, and referring friends and family to their products and services.

In conclusion, supporting local businesses in Joliet not only benefits the local economy, but it also allows you to experience unique products and services that can’t be found anywhere else. From delicious pizza to stunning floral arrangements, there’s something for everyone in Joliet’s small business community. So next time you’re in need of goods or services, consider supporting the local businesses that make our community thrive.

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